Trained Giant Snapping Turtle Group, Large
Bite (d8+3 damage) 10 HP 3 armor
Close, Reach, Forceful, Messy
Special Qualities: Amphibious, Shell

For generations wavekin have bred the giant snapping turtles. They still resemble their wild conterparts however theses are much larger and stronger. They have lost all semblance of stealth as their shells are now bred for bright colours and painted with tribal symbols. Used as both mounts and pack animals these are often the unseen force stopping ships at sea as they try to flee wavekin. Instinct: To immobilise

  • Grab and hold on command
Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 This monster has been edited. Its probably still cool, but its stats may not line up with standard monsters.

Created by: Kitten