War Elephant Horde, Huge, Organized
Tusks (b[2d6+7] damage 1 piercing) 11 HP 1 armor
Reach, Forceful, Ignores Armor, Near

The War Elephant is a symbol of military might and dominance. It is trained for warfare, and its primary objective is to crush any opposition that stands in its way. Whether it is defending its allies or advancing on an enemy stronghold, the War Elephant charges into the midst of battle, wreaking havoc and trampling adversaries. Its immense strength and resilience, combined with its intimidating presence, make the War Elephant a formidable adversary that can pose significant problems for both armies and individuals alike.


Trample: The War Elephant charges forward, trampling everything in its path. Its sheer weight and force cause devastation, knocking aside foes and causing significant damage. The trample can be used strategically to break enemy formations or scatter opposing forces. Iron Hide: The War Elephant's skin is incredibly tough, providing natural armor against physical attacks. It is resistant to most mundane weapons and can withstand a significant amount of punishment before succumbing to damage.

Fearful Presence: The sheer size and ferocity of the War Elephant strike fear into the hearts of its enemies. Its presence alone can demoralize opponents, making them hesitant and prone to making mistakes in combat. This fear-inducing aura can also disrupt spellcasting and destabilize magical effects.

Siege Weaponry: The War Elephant is equipped with a variety of mounted weapons and armor enhancements. These can include enormous tusks capable of goring foes, armored plating that provides additional protection, or even specialized ranged weaponry like ballistas or mounted archers. These enhancements make the War Elephant a formidable siege weapon and a devastating force on the battlefield.

Move: Rally the Troops

When the War Elephant lets out a mighty trumpet call, using its presence and commanding aura to rally the troops, roll +Charisma. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one:

  • The morale of allied forces is bolstered, granting them a temporary bonus to their combat abilities.
  • Inspired by the War Elephant's call, a select group of allies gains a surge of energy, allowing them to recover from fatigue or minor injuries.
  • The War Elephant's powerful presence instills courage and determination, reducing the effects of fear or mental manipulation on allied forces.
  • The sight of the War Elephant and its rally fills allies with renewed vigor and resolve, clearing one debility or negative status condition from each affected ally.

    On a miss, the War Elephant's rallying call has unintended consequences or attracts unwanted attention. The GM will introduce a complication or twist related to the rally.

    Note: This move is designed for the War Elephant to inspire and support its allies on the battlefield, boosting their morale and providing beneficial effects to enhance their combat capabilities or mitigate disadvantages. It reflects the commanding presence and leadership qualities of the War Elephant, showcasing its ability to rally the troops and turn the tide of battle in favor of its allies.

    Instinct: Crush Opposition

    • Trample
    • Rally the troops
  • Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 This monster has been edited. Its probably still cool, but its stats may not line up with standard monsters.

    Created by: Brian V.