Gorkin Group, Small, Stealthy, Organized
Claws or blunt objects. (d10 damage) 6 HP 1 armor
Special Qualities: A nearly perfect sense of smell and touch. Nearly blind.

The Gorkin are humanoid creatures, living underground, with low intelligence. With pack tactics they are sure to hunt down most animals in close vicinity of their lair. Expanding their lair by digging they are led by a matriach or brood-mother. This alpha-female usually gives birth to up to fourteen hatchlings within a week after fertilization. The brood-mother sometimes hunts aswell but mostly stays in the lair to fight off intruders. The gorkin sleep in their lair at day and hunt at night. They tend to go for farm animals first when new to an area, plaguing human settlements. If not taken care of, a gorkin "clan" can reach a population of up to 400 members. When reaching this number most clans split and a new brood-mother is born. They have intensely long lifespans of around 120 years outliving most humans. Their sense of smell and touch are incredibly sharp. Being able to sniff out intruders before they even entered their lair. Although nearly blind they do see light and dark and can differentiate between that very easily. Instinct: To feed and multiply!

  • Hunt at night
  • Dropping from the ceiling on intruders.
  • Their kin is always close. Maybe even right above you.

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