Agglomerate Solitary, Huge, Terrifying
Flailing limbs (d10+5 damage) 28 HP 0 armor
Special Qualities: A giant rolling pile of the dead

Its said that an entrepreneural minded wizard created the first Agglomerate as a convenient means of cleaning up battle fields. Animate one corpse and it flops around all on its own absorbing its neighbors until you have a nice big ball o'corpses that would roll itself away for easy disposal. As an idea it probably would have worked better if the mindless construct didn't seek to aggressively beat to death every living thing it encounters with a myriad of ill attached limbs. No doubt this has something to do with why this method of body disposal never really caught on. The fact that severed pieces start rolling around on their own and forming new Agglomerates has made the experiment difficult to completely eradicate. Instinct: create corpses to absorb

  • Grow by absorbing corpses

Created by: Valamir