Hound of the Hunt Solitary, Large, Devious, Intelligent, Planar
Savage Maw (d8+2 damage) 20 HP 2 armor

Stories tell of an imposing beast whose fur raises into an impenetrable mane when aroused to its destructive ends. The Hound of the Hunt gazes out from shadowy places to watch and wait for the opportune time to pounce on the creature that it has been dispatched to devour. They have been rumored to kill a single being from a caravan of travelers and to stalk entire families across the known world and the wilds. Once one of these fell creatures has sunk its teeth into you there is no escaping the doom that has been placed on you. Instinct: to destroy the weak

  • Terrorize the Hunted
  • Mark of the Hunted
  • Gaze From the Shadows

Created by: CuriousChemist