Subsumed Shadow Druid Solitary, Magical, Stealthy, Devious, Intelligent, Terrifying
Corrosive bolt (d8 damage) 16 HP 4 armor
Close, Ignores Armor, Far
Special Qualities: Flaking skin and reeking fungal mats for 'robes'

Though it is now known that the Shadow Druids truly exist, and that they work by infecting with the dark hive-fungus, the workings of its strongest and most fully-assimilated servants have remained a mystery. Until now. This horrifying caricature of a mortal is all that remains after the hive-fungus has deeply infected a living druid and absorbed them into the hive. Wielding the powers of putrefaction and darkness, they exist only to further the hive's twisted plans for the region. Stripped of anything vaguely resembling humanity, they are better understood as puppets of a vast, old, and wicked intelligence. Puppets that were people once--and who, then and now, would gladly make every other person in the region just like them. Instinct: Spread spores and decay

  • Enforce the will of the Fungal Mind
  • Becoming one with shadow when wounded
  • Spells of rot and plague, curses of darkness and corrosion
  • The fungal mind inside reaches out to touch its victims

Created by: Fhtagn-Daas