Gajalaka Group, Small, Devious, Hoarder
Stone Knife (b[2d4] damage) 6 HP 0 armor
Close, Near, Far

Like many Lynians, Gajalaka are short humanoids. They resemble Shakalaka more than Felynes or Grimalkynes, lacking any fur and wearing large tribal masks which leave only their bright yellow eyes visible. These red masks have different color accents, ranging from blue to yellow to purple, to represent what status ailment their weapons afflict. The Gajalaka are aggressive towards large monsters and hunters, and will throw projectiles at both. The Gajalaka are aggressive towards large monsters and adventurerers, and will attack with status-afflicting weapons if threatened. The Gajalaka are capable of dealing Sleep, Paralysis, and Poison to both large monsters and players alike. You can tell these apart by the color of their mask's accents; blue represents sleep, yellow represents paralysis, and purple represents poison. Gakalaka can accidentally poison each other if they get crossed up in skirmishes. Instinct: To Ambush and Steal

  • Aggressive towards adventurers and monsters
  • Knives that contain status-effects

Created by: Draculigula