Foglet Group, Stealthy, Devious, Amorphous
Grody Claws (d6 damage) 13 HP 1 armor
Special Qualities: Can fade into Fog or Mist

Pale as the moon and with ever-damp, almost mucus-like skin, the Foglets are creatures you almost feel glad about only catching quick glimpses of, though the fact of the matter is that if these sadistic tricksters aren't dealt with quickly, you and your crew will surely find themselves sinking in an unfamiliar sea. Instinct: to distract and to run you aground

  • It will disorient you, spin you around and goad you into leaping into the sea without realising
  • Shapes in the Fog can just as likely be a Foglet than a crewmate
  • It's disorientating tactics have led many to simply fall overboard, and navigation is that much more difficult when they ceaselessly distract you

Created by: Donny Dunk

All rights reserved