Reanimated Skeleton Horde, Magical, Cautious, Terrifying
Rusty, long forgotten weapons (d6 damage) 7 HP 1 armor
Special Qualities: Its presence defies the laws of logic. A red glow emanates from it's eyes.

Reanimated by a vile energy, cursed bones assemble themselves into the shape they once had in a distant life. In their constant longing for this remote memory, they yearn to touch the warm skin and feel the warm blood pulsing below. Driven by madness and envy, they attack any living thing on sight, ignoring injury and pain until the vile energy fades from their bones. Instinct: to hate the pulsing energy of life

  • Assemble itself from a pile of bones
  • Ignore the loss of a limb

Created by: Agentvm