Griffin Group, Large, Organized
Talons (d8+3 damage) 10 HP 1 Armor
Close, Reach, Forceful
Special Qualities: Wings

On first glance, one might mistake the griffin for another magical mistake like the manticore or the chimera. It looks the part, doesn’t it? These creatures have the regal haughtiness of a lion and the arrogant bearing of an eagle, but they temper those with the unshakeable loyalty of both. To earn the friendship of a griffin is to have an ally all your living days. Truly a gift, that. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet one be respectful and deferential above all else. It may not seem it but they can perceive the subtlest slights and will answer them with a sharp beak and talons. Instinct: To serve allies

  • Judge someone’s worthiness
  • Carry an ally aloft
  • Strike from above
This monster is from the core Dungeon World book

Created by: Sage Kobold