Worg Horde, Organized
Bite (d6 damage) 3 HP 1 Armor

As horses are to the civil races, so go the worg to the goblins. Mounts, fierce in battle, ridden by only the bravest and most dangerous, are found and bred in the forest primeval to serve the goblins in their wars on men. The only safe worg is a pup, separated from its mother. If you can find one of these, or make orphans of a litter with a sharp sword, you’ve got what could become a loyal protector or hunting hound in time. Train it well, mind you, for the worg are smart and never quite free of their primal urges. Instinct: To serve

  • Carry a rider into battle
  • Give its rider an advantage
This monster is from the core Dungeon World book

Created by: Sage Kobold