Wight Solitary, Stealthy, Undead, Intelligent
Claws (d6 Strength damage) 16 HP 1 armor
Close, Ignores Armor

"While even casual scholars of the undead know that wights create more of their kind from those whose life-energy they steal, the ultimate origins of these creatures remains a matter of much debate. There is no known necromantic spell for creating wights and little help comes from the diverse and contradictory legends that seek to explain how the first wights came to exist." -Graeme Davis, Ecology of the Wight

When you take damage from a wight, it does its damage as Strength damage instead of HP damage.

When your Strength score falls to zero or below, set your Strength to 0, you are paralyzed until your Strength is at least 1. Take your Last Breath [move].

If you have been Strength damaged and you receive the benefits of something that would restore HP, you may choose to restore the same amount of Strength instead.

Instinct: To corrupt life

  • Drain the strength of the living
  • Burst forth from its burying place
  • Raise a slain foe as a wight.
Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 This monster has been edited. Its probably still cool, but its stats may not line up with standard monsters.

Created by: Jon Bristow