Kemosh, Demon Lord of Slaughter Solitary, Large, Divine, Intelligent, Cautious, Planar, Terrifying
Demonic maul (b[2d10+6] damage 2 piercing) 26 HP 4 armor
Forceful, Ignores Armor, Near
Special Qualities: Infernal visage

One of many legendary demons to claim the title of "Demon Lord" is Kemosh, a violent being resembling a twisted blend of a warhorse and mastiff. Kemosh lays claim to a region of Hell known as the Infernal Battlefield, a place where demons, devils, and other evil beings from throughout the planes are locked in eternal warfare. Kemosh delights in wreaking havoc in this realm, carving a path of destruction through the battlefield and leaving many an infernal war machine in a scrapheap. Kemosh's mortal worshippers are fond of starting riots in cities, conspiring to get kingdoms to war against each other, and just straight up murdering as many people as they come across. The Lord of Slaughter cares not who spills blood in his name, only that it is done. Kemosh himself wields a colossal hammer named Skullcrusher, which he used to crush the skull of another fiend who formerly laid claim to his title. It is said by many a diabolist that whoever can defeat Kemosh in combat can claim Skullcrusher for their own, but be warned: the hammer has a tendency to corrupt the mind of its wielders, making them more like Kemosh himself... Instinct: To create war

  • Inspire others to violence
  • Call on the legions of Hell

Created by: Myony