Ekimmu Solitary, Magical, Stealthy, Devious, Terrifying
lncorporeal touch manifests as supernatural aging (d8 damage) 16 HP 4 armor
Close, Ignores Armor
Special Qualities: Sense living things and creatures without seeing them., Incorporeal

An ekimmu is the evil ghost of one who has been denied entrance to the underworld and is doomed to wander the earth. It is greatly feared, for it attaches itself quite easily to virtually any living person regardless of whether that person has been acquainted with the dead one. Once it has possessed a living host, it is very difficult to exorcise. An ekimmu roams the lands near where it was killed. Though it is not bound to the area, it feels a sense of connection to it and rarely wanders more than a few miles from it. An ekimmu has no permanent lair and wanders its realm perpetually, always on the move. ' An ekimmu roams the earth, seeking victims to possess and using its hosts to bring misfortune and death to the living. Its howling in the night is often the only warning of its approach. In battle, it uses its array of abilities to defeat and destroy its opponents, opening combat with its paralyzing howl and then using its malevolence to attack a target it deems weak—willed and open for possession. Instinct: Bring misfortune and death to the living

  • Possess the living
  • Can merge body with creature on Material Plane
  • Howl paralyzes foes

Created by: Jim Mount