Dust Walker Group, Organized, Intelligent, Amorphous
Stone Sword (d8 damage) 17 HP 1 armor
Special Qualities: Reconstitute from dust over some time

Dust walkers most commonly look like sand blasted robes but underneath lies a dessicated skeleton with spectral glowing eyes. They draw stone weapons from the earth at need. Dust walkers travel the world in search of information willing to barter or pay for answers to their obscure questions. No living creature remembers what they search for: their mortal enemies, the Ogre Lords. Instinct: Hunt down their target

  • Barter for information
  • A dust walker can choose to disperse themselves over a large area. This takes a very long time to recover from (days or more). When they do all other dust walkers in the region are alerted to where and why this has happened.

Created by: Kitten