Rhinoceros Solitary, Large
Horn (d10+4 damage) 20 HP 1 armor
Forceful, Close,

The Rhinoceros is a massive creature covered in thick, armored hide. It stands at a towering height of over eight feet and possesses a large horn on its snout. Its muscular body is built for brute strength, and it exhibits a fearsome and aggressive demeanor.

The Rhinoceros is fiercely protective of its territory and will aggressively defend it against any perceived threats. It will charge at intruders or creatures that encroach upon its domain, using its formidable strength and horn to attack and repel intruders. The Rhinoceros considers its territory as its own and is relentless in its defense, often becoming an obstacle for adventurers or individuals who venture into its domain, causing problems and confrontations.

Charge: The Rhinoceros charges at its foes with incredible speed and force, aiming to impale them with its horn. This charge is a devastating attack that deals substantial damage and can easily knock enemies off balance or even send them flying.

Thick Hide: The Rhinoceros boasts a thick, durable hide that provides natural armor against physical attacks. It is resistant to many forms of damage, making it challenging to harm through conventional means.

Territorial Stampede: When the Rhinoceros feels threatened or enraged, it can summon its kindred from the surrounding area to join it in a stampede. The thunderous sound of their approach can cause panic and confusion among enemies, while the sheer force of the stampede can trample or crush anything in its path.

Stubborn Resolve: The Rhinoceros possesses a relentless determination and an unwavering resolve. It is highly resistant to mental manipulation, such as charms or fear-inducing effects, making it difficult to sway or intimidate.

Instinct: Defend its territory

  • Charge and gore
  • Summon stampede
  • Resist control
Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 This monster has been edited. Its probably still cool, but its stats may not line up with standard monsters.

Created by: Brian V.