Tentacled Oracle Solitary, Huge, Magical, Intelligent, Hoarder, Planar, Construct, Amorphous
Ensnaring and constricting (d12+5 damage 1 piercing) 27 HP 5 armor
Reach, Ignores Armor, Near
Special Qualities: Tentecles, Immune to poisons and diseases.

A single, glistening tentacle unfurls from the shadows of the mausoleum, its tip adorned with an unblinking, pupil-less eye that seems to pierce the very soul. Instinct: Preserve its knowledge and influence

  • Communicate telepathically with those who enter its tomb, sharing cryptic insights and ancient wisdom.
  • Bombards intruders with overwhelming knowledge, causing confusion and disorientation.

Created by: Master_Kenta