Nothic Group, Intelligent, Planar, Construct
claw (d8 damage) 6 HP 1 armor
Special Qualities: keen sight

A nothic is a monstrous creature with terrible talons and a single great eye. When driven to violence, it uses its horrific gaze to rot the flesh from its enemies’ bones. Rather than gaining the godlike supremacy they crave, some wizards who devote their lives to unearthing arcane secrets are reduced to creeping, tormented monsters by a dark curse left behind by Vecna, a powerful lich who, in some worlds, has transcended his undead existence to become a god of secrets. Nothics retain no awareness of their former selves, skulking amid the shadows and haunting places rich in magical knowledge, drawn by memories and impulses they can’t quite understand. Instinct: Reverse its condition

  • Rot living flesh with its gaze
  • Gaze at someone and learn one fact or secret about them

Created by: NeverForged