Jiāngshī Solitary, Terrifying
Touch (d10 damage 1 piercing) 12 HP 0 armor
Close, Ignores Armor
Special Qualities: Undead

A jiāngshī, also known as a Chinese hopping vampire, is a type of reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore. It is typically depicted as a stiff corpse dressed in official imperial garments and it moves around by hopping with its arms outstretched. It kills living creatures to absorb their "life force", usually at night, while during the day, it rests in a coffin or hides in dark places such as caves. Generally, a jiangshi's appearance can range from unremarkable (as in the case of a recently deceased person) to horrifying (rotting flesh, rigor mortis, as with corpses that have been in a state of decay over a period). It is believed that the jiangshi are so stiff that they cannot bend their limbs or body, so they have to move around by hopping while keeping their arms stretched out for mobility. Folklore and burial practices dealing with revenants can also be traced back to Norse mythology with draugr or draug(s) that closely resemble stories of jiangshis. Instinct: Drains Life

  • Hops

Created by: Marcus