Moose Solitary, Large, Cautious
Antlers (d10+4 damage 1 piercing) 16 HP 2 armor
Forceful, Reach

The moose is an enormous creature, standing at least 10 feet tall at the shoulder. Its body is covered in shaggy fur, primarily shades of brown and gray, allowing it to blend in with its forested surroundings. Its large antlers span several feet wide and are adorned with sharp, pointed tines.

Instincts: The moose, driven by its territorial nature and desire for dominance, seeks to establish itself as the supreme presence in its chosen territory. It relentlessly marks its territory, aggressively defending it against any intruders or perceived threats. The moose will charge at and attack creatures that encroach upon its domain, intending to assert its dominance and drive away potential rivals or challengers. Its actions can disrupt the balance of the ecosystem and cause conflicts with other creatures or even adventurers who venture too close to its territory. The moose's relentless pursuit of dominance can create problems and dangerous encounters for those who unwittingly cross its path.


Charge: The moose can build up incredible speed and momentum. It can perform a powerful charge attack, ramming into its target with its antlers, causing substantial damage. The charge is quick and difficult to evade.

Trample: The moose possesses immense strength and weight. It can stomp the ground forcefully, causing the earth to shake and knocking back nearby foes. This ability can also be used to create obstacles or distractions in the environment.

Nature's Resilience: The moose has a natural affinity with its surroundings. It can blend seamlessly into wooded areas, making it difficult to detect. Additionally, it has a strong resistance to nature-based magic and effects, such as spells that manipulate plants or weather.

Bellow: When threatened or enraged, the moose emits a thunderous roar that can stun or intimidate nearby creatures. This can momentarily disorient foes or create an opportunity for the moose to escape or gain an advantage in combat. Instinct: to dominate

  • Charge and Gore
  • Trample
Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 This monster has been edited. Its probably still cool, but its stats may not line up with standard monsters.

Created by: Brian V.