Mind flayer Solitary, Magical, Devious, Planar
Psionic blast (d10 damage) 12 HP 4 armor
Near, Ignores Armor
Special Qualities: Amphibious

Mind flayers live in underground cities ripped from long-forgotten planes. They are forever plotting against the 'inferior' races that inhabit the Underworld. One day, their schemes will bear fruit and they will lead their armies of mind-controlled slaves to conquer the surface kingdoms. Instinct: To rule over all inferiors.

  • Feed from a sentient creature’s brain
  • Use spells to spy and misdirect
  • Enslave humanoid and monsters
  • Appear and disappear using planar knowledge
Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 This monster has been edited. Its probably still cool, but its stats may not line up with standard monsters.

Created by: Eric Nieudan