Kobold Slinger Horde, Small, Stealthy, Organized, Intelligent
sling (d6 damage) 3 HP 1 armor
Close, Far

These rat-like dragon-kin prefer to strike from range using special alchemical ammunition to hamper their foes by setting them on fire, gluing them in place, and many other nasty little surprises. To make matters worse, spotting one of these little slingers is just an indication more kobolds are nearby - and if more are near than a mighty dragon may not be far. Instinct: To serve dragons

  • Sling Alchemical bullet
  • Lay a Trap
  • Call on dragons or draconic allies
Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 This monster has been edited. Its probably still cool, but its stats may not line up with standard monsters.

Created by: Kryll