Vine Blight Solitary, Large, Hoarder, Amorphous
Constricting Tendrils (d10+2 damage) 27 HP 2 armor
Forceful, Ignores Armor, Near

Many travelers have encountered the Vineblight and were none the wiser. A large mass of thick vines that cover lay across the forest floor, and reach up to the canopy, the Vineblight is one of the most dangerous defenders of the Hinterlands. They ensnare their targets with their powerful tendrils and slowly crush the life out of them. Luckily, they have a keen sense for those who is and isint a threat, letting passerbys waltz past without so much as a shift. Some have considered trying to train one for this ability, but noone has succeeded yet. Instinct: To constrict and crush.

  • Entangles Foes

Created by: jashin25