Baku Solitary, Planar, Terrifying, Humanoid
Powerful, ferocious blows (d10+2 damage 2 blunt) 15 HP
Close, Forceful
Special Qualities: Grotesquely muscular, Gnarled and hunched shape, Tapir-headed, Grey skin

"We'll get one among the university from time to time. In the dormitories especially, although we once had one descend upon a student in the library. Horrible things, eat their victim's dreams. They're drawn to practitioners of the arcane. We're fairly used to dealing with them here, as you can imagine. During waking hours wards can be put in place to deter them, gods forbidding they've fed too long and gotten too big. I'll never forget the student who tried to get between a Baku and its haunt, a friend of his. Never forget having to clean him up." Instinct: To weave and consume bad dreams

  • Haunt victim until sunup
  • Kill whoever stands in the way of the victim
Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011 This monster has been edited. Its probably still cool, but its stats may not line up with standard monsters.

Created by: Nigel