Clockwork Constable Group, Organized, Construct
Baton Spear (d8 damage) 14 HP 2 armor
Close, Reach, Near
Special Qualities: Full of Gears, Perfect Sense of Time

Designed by the wealthy and the desperate as reservoirs for souls too unstable to reincarnate into the Faded Lands, Clockwork Men are a sizable minority in both the Galbrethian Empire and the cities of Hell. While they may once have been Elves, Squidfolk, Demons, or something stranger, Clockwork men are united by what they've lost of their mortal lives, and by a unique talent for work that involves danger, risk, and standing vigil unceasingly for days at a time; hence, clockwork constables. Instinct: To maintain the status quo

  • Keep The Peace (As Their Masters Define It)
  • Sound the Alarum (or the All Clear)

Created by: John Jessop