Time Demon Group, Magical, Divine, Intelligent, Planar
Suffocating Grapple (d10+2 damage 2 piercing) 10 HP 4 armor
Close, Ignores Armor, Far
Special Qualities: Smoke form

As they rise from the surface of the Lake of Time, their forms resolve into perfectly symmetric, angular humanoid shapes, smooth masks instead of their faces, the forms on their heads resembling short hair. They seem to differentiate one from another, somewhat, perhaps delineating their genders? There are exactly nine of them, and they emerge anywhere around their target on the material plane. Instinct: Hold the target out of time until it dies.

  • Appear next to a person that has been causing time fluctuations and stop it with its grapple.
  • They can return to the Lake of Time at any moment.

Created by: pasanov