Gnoll Group, Organized, Intelligent
Scavenged Weaponry (d8 damage) 6 HP 1 armor

Gnolls are feral, demon-worshiping marauders, attacking communities without warning, and slaughtering without mercy. While the body of a gnoll is that of a large humanoid, the details are those of a hyena. They wear animal furs or patchwork armor, and wield weapons taken from the dead. Gnolls decorate their armor, lairs, and encampments with the bones of their victims. Tribes are led by alphas, or by shamans who send forth wild-eyed gnolls on brutal raids in the name of the demon lord Yeenoghu. When gnolls attack and pillage a settlement, they leave little behind but razed buildings, gnawed corpses, and befouled land. They drag captives back to deep caves for sacrificial rituals too horrible to describe. Gnolls detest physical labor, so a few captives may be kept as slaves. Guarded by merciless gnoll youths, these slaves' only hope of living to the next day is to show strength and to obey. Because nothing pleases a gnoll more than wanton slaughter, gnolls don't bargain or parley, and they can't be bribed. Instinct: To slaughter and destroy in the name of Yeenoghu

  • Show and enemy no quarter
  • Doggedly track bloodied prey

Created by: Krynos Pentegarn