Frulam Mondath Solitary, Divine, Magical, Intelligent, Hoarder
Halberd (d10 damage) 14 HP 2 armor
Close, Reach

Frulam Mondath is a cleric of Tiamat. While she favours the Halberd in battle, she can cast a fair amount of clerical spells - including spells to heal her allies, bind her enemies and defend herself and follows of Tiamat. Frulam is a dedicated follower of Tiamat, but she is motivated by greed. She prefers to lead from the back in a heavily guarded position. She is also not about to die for her deity if she can avoid it - after all in death their is neither power not gold Instinct: To gain more power and wealth

  • Rally Tiamat's Followers!
  • Heal her allies

Created by: Arachobia