Seregios Solitary, Large, Terrifying
Bladed scales (b[2d10+4] damage 1 piercing) 20 HP 4 armor
Forceful, Near, Far
Special Qualities: Wings, Covered in razor sharp scales

Seregios are powerful, territorial and highly aggressive predators. With their razor sharp weapons a Seregios can make short work of their unfortunate victims. Larger Seregios have been seen flying with smaller Flying Wyverns clutched in their talons, including other Seregios. Reports like this confirm that the wyverns will cannibalize each other. Due to their capability of living in a number of different environments, Seregios compete with a large number of other large predators. Seregios are hostile usurpers of the land. They are violent fighters and will battle other monsters in order to kick them out of their territory claim it as their own, this includes their own kind in their land. In most cases, the monster they are fighting will end up dead after the battle and while some live on. The bigger the Seregios, the larger amount of territory it needs. Once a territory is gained by a Seregios, it will mark its territory with its own Blade Scales. Instinct: To assert dominance

  • Cannibalistic

Created by: Draculigula