Basarios Solitary, Large, Devious
Body slam (d8+2 damage) 20 HP 3 armor
Special Qualities: Rocky camouflage

Basarios is a smaller, rocky wyvern. It is the juvenile form of Gravios. Its hard, stone-like shell can be used for protection against other large wyverns, doubling up as effective camouflage when Basarios partially buries itself in the ground. It is able to release either sleeping or poisonous gas from its underside and, on extremely rare occasions, a fire plume. Although it prefers to charge towards adversaries. When resting, it burrows underground, exposing only its back, giving it the appearance of a large gray rock. Being very heavy, it is a slow mover, and although it has wings, it rarely uses them to fly. Even when it does, its weight allows it to fly only for a short time. Despite its ability to hide, in most areas it is visible. This is because the rocks on its back are a slightly lighter color than other rocks, or because it has burrowed into plain view in the middle of the area. Instinct: To trample

  • Burrow underground
  • Can release poison or sleep gas from underside

Created by: Draculigula