Cultist Zealot Group, Stealthy, Divine, Devious, Intelligent
Dagger (d4+2 damage) 10 HP 0 armor
Close, Reach

The Cultist Zealot has a single motivation: to perform his ritual completely. He will not balk to sacrifice any number of thrall or cultist acolytes in this pursuit. He'll even forfeit his own life once the ritual is complete. His devotion to chaos and destruction is singular. It is stronger than your will, your incentives, your desires. All will crumble before the dark visage of his master. So don't wait around to find out what happens when he utters that final syllable. Instinct: To usher in new ear of chaos

  • Perform Rite
  • Hidden dagger
  • Summoning Ritual

Created by: Scrumbly