Nomi Lanternbearer Group, Magical, Organized, Intelligent, Cautious, Planar
Lantern-Staff (d8 damage) 6 HP 2 armor
Close, Ignores Armor, Near
Special Qualities: Fluffy yet potent wings capable of flight

The Nomi are known to be enlightened mothfolk that dwell on the moon. They have few dwelling-places but the places that they do, as seen by astronomers, seem to be huge tower-cities which upon their tops are ensconsed a huge brilliant shining light. Tales tell of them being creatures of unity, that they are not known for being particularly private and communicate mostly through their telepathy. They adore light and the flame, and their lantern-bearers are their most common soldiers because of this. Perhaps not the greatest of warriors but their unique abilities can make them a dangerous force if threatened, and luckily they seem mostly complacent on that cold, distant object. Instinct: To follow the light

  • Emanate choking, blinding Nomi Dust
  • Wield light magic with precision and dedication
  • Psionically light the beacons, drawing more Nomi to the flame
  • Use telepathic abilities to a disquieting degree

Created by: Infinite Oregano