Harpy Group, Devious, Intelligent, Hoarder
Talons (b[2d6] damage 1 piercing) 6 HP 0 armor
Special Qualities: Wings

Harpies use their sweet songs to pacify victims before tearing them to pieces with their claws. They favor dismal, wild settings such as swamps, badlands, and scrubland. However, they also haunt rocky coasts, ruins, and caves. Harpies are cruel, malicious, and domineering. They do not cooperate well with other creatures. However, they sometimes agree to serve powerful monsters or villains as scouts, spies, or assassins. According to legend, harpies are descended from an evil elf witch-queen who often took the form of a golden eagle to spy on her subjects. A mighty hero drove her into exile long ago, breaking the magic tiara that allowed her to change shape. The elf-queen and her unscrupulous children were cursed with half-bird forms for the rest of their days. The alluring song of the harpy is a legacy of the sinister enchantments wielded by the long-lost elf-queen against her people. Instinct: To torture and cause despair

  • Screech at foes who get too close
  • Croon a song to hypnotize prey

Created by: Krynos Pentegarn