Yut Pestlier Group, Magical, Organized, Intelligent, Planar
Moonrock Staff (d8 damage 1 piercing) 6 HP 2 armor
Close, Reach

The Yut are a rare sight beyond their native land - the moon. Most Yut soldiers are trained in the use of their characteristic pale white stone staves, but even their footsoldiers hold the potential for transmutation that they share. It is said that on the moon the Yut have built many wondrous structures thanks to their natural ability towards transmutation and their skill in alchemy. Their proclivity towards a unified society has made great use of these skills. For it does not matter the strength of one Yut, but the strength of many. Instinct: To serve the burrow

  • Frustrate and interfere with deft staff blows and tricks
  • Transmute things in contact with you (or your staff) psionically
  • Launch an alchemical signal flare to summon reinforcements
  • Spring forth and back with alarming alacrity

Created by: Infinite Oregano