Ghoulmother Solitary, Large, Magical, Devious, Intelligent, Hoarder, Terrifying, Amorphous
Bone fangs (d8+2 damage 1 piercing) 23 HP 5 armor
Special Qualities: Can crawl up cave walls; Call the hive for protection, It’s body is created of bones

A huge spider like creature made of the bones and skulls of adventurers that went down into its lair. With its eight spindly skeletonlegs it crawls around the place, always out of sight with just the rustling being heard. When it sees pray, it will let go of the wall and jump them, sinking strong boney tooth into its prey. Once the prey is numb and stops fighting, it will drain its life and create another ghoul for its hive to protect the lair. Instinct: To strengthen the hive

  • Drain lifeforce to create underlings
  • Weave the trapped lifeforce into spells
  • Numb the Prey

Created by: TurirBarym