spinewyrm Solitary, Large, Stealthy, Magical, Cautious, Hoarder
constriction (d10+2 damage 2 piercing) 20 HP 6 armor

The spinewyrm is closely related to the silk wyrm and kills its victims by constriction. Like the silk wyrm, the spinewyrm has chitinous shell. The hard shell makes it very difficult to damage these creatures. Bony plates run from head to tail. In addition to this shell, rows of cruel spikes adorn the plates. These spines impale a victim caught by the vice-like grip of the spinewyrm's constriction. Though these serpents have no wings, they can fly because of a special organ unique to the wyrms of Athas. Instinct: Hunt

  • desert predator
  • chameleon power
  • ectoplasmic form

Created by: A Person With No Name