Tetsucabra Solitary, Large, Devious
Gore (b[2d8+4] damage) 20 HP 4 armor
Special Qualities: Amphibious

Tetsucabra is a large Amphibian with a striking orange and indigo coloration. Its lower jaw harbors large tusks along with a large set of molars that are capable of crushing prey with ease. Tetsucabra also has a spiky stubby tail that swells up when angered. Tetsucabra are highly aggressive, territorial monsters though their ecology is much like a frog. The amphibians are well-known for attacking and eating anything that moves in their line of sight and leaping from ponds in order to grab potential prey. Despite being found in ponds, they spend most of their time on land, which could suggest that they patrol their territory on land, much like Zamtrios. During the breeding season male Tetsucabra will create large holes to impress females so that they'll lay their eggs in them. When the female lays her eggs in the pit the male will quickly fertilize them. After fertilizing the eggs the male will then carry them in his mouth and he will not eat anything until the offspring are fully developed. Instinct: To defend its territory

  • Digs holes to lay eggs
  • Can dig up boulders to throw at enemies

Created by: Draculigula