Mind Flayer (Illithid) Group, Stealthy, Intelligent, Planar, Terrifying
Mind blast (d6 damage) 6 HP 1 armor
Close, Ignores Armor, Far
Special Qualities: Telepathy, Darkvision, Squid head with grasping mouth-tentacles

The illithid, or mind flayer, is an evil and feared creature of the Underdark; its powers are formidable and it feeds on the brains of any creature it encounters. Using arcane powers, it enslaves or destroys its foes, which include such powerful creatures as drow and kuo-toa. Mind Flayers stand about 6 feet tall and have hideous mauve skin that glistens with slime. The head resembles an octopus, with white eyes (no pupils are evident) and four tentacles around its mouth, a round, many-toothed orifice like that of a lamprey. The creature has three reddish fingers and a thumb on each hand. Instinct: To dominate

  • Devour your brain
  • Use the darkness
  • Disturbing bioscience

Created by: Steve-0

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