Mercane Solitary, Magical, Stealthy, Intelligent, Hoarder, Planar
Sword-cane (w[2d10] damage 1 piercing) 16 HP 4 armor

Mercanes are tall, lanky beings resembling humans in shape, albeit with short bodies, exaggerated arms and legs, and blue skin. They are commonly found throughout the planes, buying and selling magical artifacts and trinkets. In fact, some grimoires even state that mercanes literally feed by exchanging money between parties, that they're markets personified... In any case, mercanes are fond of dressing in opulent clothing, though their fashion sense needs a bit of work. While they are certainly capable of putting up a fight, mercanes prefer to hire bodyguards and mercenaries instead of fighting on their own, relying on their warping abilities to get themselves out of trouble. Oh, yeah: they can do that. They also have access to an extradimensional space where they keep all the merchandise in. Helps with traveling without carrying a bunch of luggage. Instinct: To sell

  • Make an offer
  • Impress a potential buyer
  • Warp out of a fight
  • Pull something from seemingly nowhere

Created by: Myony