Dragon Claw Kobolds Group, Small, Stealthy, Magical, Devious, Organized, Intelligent, Hoarder
High quality sling (d4 damage) 6 HP 2 armor
Close, Far

Dragon claw kobolds are a specific clan if kobolds that have perfected the art of traps. Similar in appearance to other kobolds they wear armor carved from dragon bone. These kobolds refuse to serve true dragons and are hunted by all. Once they settle an area it is nearly impossible to root then out. The traps they make drive wizards mad, and drive clerics to abandon their God's. Rogues swap tales of the devious traps and a common saying for anyone killed by a trap is the dragon claw got them. Rumors are swirling around the goblinoid races of a secret that these kobolds stole something from the king of dragons...what ever it was may well be worth all the coin in the dungeon at least to the dragons. Instinct: To snare victims to feed on

  • Unleash another deadly trap.
  • Bypass any trap with ease
  • Spells that turn any object into a trap waiting to be sprung
  • Enrage targets to follow it into a trap filled lair
  • Dragonbone whistle just a puff brings out the horde

Created by: ubernonchalant