The Degloved Solitary, Large, Devious, Intelligent, Terrifying
Long Deft Fingers (d8+2 damage 2 piercing) 24 HP 0 armor
Forceful, Reach
Special Qualities: Touches you with its soft, agonized fingers

The tragic result of the increasing industrialization in certain regions of the Dungeon World, the Degloved is an intelligent undead arising from those who have been maimed by machinery. When they die, all the individuals injured by a given machine release their hatred and malice, which flows back to the site of the injury, congealing into a creature resembling two human torsos (often one male, one female) covered in pale gray skin. The hands on each set of arms are long-fingered and apparently cuffed with festive red strips. Only on closer investigation or exposure does an adventurer realize that the strips are the very skin of those muscle-bare hands. The Degloved leap around on their powerful arms, stripping the skin from any so unlucky as to be caught by them. They fashion gloves from this skin which soothe their terrible pain for a time. The decadent nobles of a certain kingdom cherish these gloves, for each pair is unique and bound to those industries which have raised the kingdom up from mud-farming. Instinct: to clothe itself in new skin; to destroy machinery

  • Remove skin without harming muscle beneath
  • Rips skin that will never heal

Created by: James Bennett