Draugr Horde, Organized
Rusty sword (d6+1 damage) 7 HP 2 Armor
Close, Reach
Special Qualities: Icy touch

In the Nordemark, the men and women tell tales in their wooden halls of a place where the noble dead go. A mead hall atop their heavenly mountain where men of valor go to await the final battle for the world. It is a goodly place. It is a place where one hopes to go after death. And the inglorious dead? Those who fall to poison or in an act of cowardice, warriors though they may be? Well, those mead halls aren’t open to all and sundry. Some come back, frozen and twisted and empowered by jealous rage and wage their eternal war not on the forces of giants or trolls but on the towns of the men they once knew. Instinct: To take from the living

  • Freeze flesh
  • Call on the unworthy dead
This monster is from the core Dungeon World book

Created by: Sage Kobold