Waning Moon Judge Solitary, Stealthy, Divine, Magical, Organized, Intelligent, Hoarder
Wargavel (d10+4 damage) 14 HP 2 armor

Just as the moon has many faces, so would a lunar cult - it is reasoned. The waning moon reminds us of the inescapable cycle of the moon, its indefatigable nature causing it to sink into hiding once more - but nonetheless unstoppable in its purpose. Above the hunters of this facet of the moon cult stand the judges, ready to lay down judgements (and curses) upon those that they judge to be heretic, apostate, heathen, or other 'criminals'. Heavy hits the hammer upon those that dare to break the law. Instinct: To dispense the cult's justice

  • Pass judgement and enforce sentences
  • Turn out to be a lycanthrope
  • Sense the breaking of laws unerringly
  • Summon bailiffs

Created by: Infinite Oregano