Nasalem Drone Horde, Planar, Construct, Amorphous
Stony fists (d6 damage) 14 HP 4 armor
Close, Reach
Special Qualities: Body of Stone, Core of Crystal

Astronomers with powerful enough telescopes have reported strange sightings upon the moon's surface. Stranger than normal, at least. Meteors crashing, but then for the crash site to reshape itself into some kind of boxy device, and then for humanoid figures with black crystalline spheres ensconced where a head would be rise out of the rocks and began rapidly reshaping the surrounding lands forming... at first a keep to house the device, followed by more and more fortifications and other structures surrounding it, like that they are building a fortress. Eventually when they are 'done' the drones seem to just mill around, maintaining the fortress, guarding it, and patrolling the surrounds. But why? Scholars are in debate as to their purpose but the most common theory is that this is a forward base being built for... someone else's arrival. But who, or what? Instinct: To serve the Nasalem Core

  • Reshape the ambient landscape with ease
  • Rapidly regenerate body from ambient materials (except core)

Created by: Infinite Oregano