Dwarven Quarreller Horde, Organized, Intelligent
Crossbow (d6 damage 1 piercing) 7 HP 2 armor
Close, Near, Far

When the dwarves wage war, they don't just use axes and hammers, no. Dwarves are excellent craftspeople, especially when it comes to fortifications, siege weapons, arms, and armour. They say that they were the ones who invented crossbows, way back when. As such when necessary they will deploy large groups of mail-clad crossbow-wielding dwarves ready to skewer even the toughest of adversaries. Since they've had such a long time to practice their use in warfare, they even are seen using unusual tactics, some say that they have a manner of laying down a constant hail of bolts - giving their foes no chance to advance or recover. Instinct: To guard

  • Lay down a hail of withering bolts
  • Call up reinforcements

Created by: Infinite Oregano