Rasper Horde, Tiny, Devious, Hoarder, Planar
Rasping Tongue (d6-2 damage) 3 HP 1 armor
Hand, Reach
Special Qualities: Wall-Climbing, Can Absorb Memories and Voices

Looking like a mix between a cartilaginous spider and an anteater, Raspers are the scavengers of the faded world. They don't just eat bone dust and scraps of rotting flesh though: Raspers take scraps of secrets and fragments of the dead's last thoughts with them. Commonly thought a nuisance, Raspers are commonly sought by sneak thieves and other low sorts on the hunt for opportunities known only to the permanently deceased. Instinct: To scavenge among the dead

  • Scrape flesh from bones
  • Inject an extraordinarily painful venom
  • Speak with a voice stolen from a corpse

Created by: John Jessop