Megaplant Solitary, Large, Stealthy
Thorny blood vines (d10 damage) 16 HP 0 armor
Reach, Near

Found in the deepest and darkest places of jungles or caves, the Megaplant lurks in the shadows. There it rests, boiling its stomach acid in the big, fleshy bulb that is her body, while her red-and-green blood vines are growing through the ground, waiting for unwary humans to take a false step. The victim is then quickly dragged to and absorbed into the main bulb. The remaining blood vines swipe around franticly, keeping away any support that the unlucky adventurer might have brought along, until he is completely dissolved - save for any spiky metal things he carried. Instinct: to grow in the shadows

  • Gulp down a human being in one slurp
  • Keep its main part hidden

Created by: Agentvm