Construct of Orphone Group, Construct
Fists and Teeth (d8 damage) 10 HP 0 armor
Special Qualities:

Orphone's constructs reflect her developing skill in creating original life. With skin of black-red velvet, these constructs are typically a very rough assemblage of parts. Their arms are sewn on with varying degrees of skills. Their mouths are sometimes sewn shut to mute their disturbing murmurings. Eyes are tricky things to get right so Orphone often neglected to put them on. They are imbued with life from a dubious source: raw sexual energy. To subdue this volatile force, the constructs are required to pass through a false door once a month. This process draws out this energy and concentrates it into a crystal. Should a construct neglect its monthly dispellment, they are liable to become quite disturbed - and disturbing. Instinct: Release its overwhelming engergies

  • Act upon its base drives

Created by: GM Chip