Zombie plant Group, Stealthy, Organized
Slave (d8 damage) 6 HP 1 armor
Close, Reach, Far
Special Qualities: Grow nutritious fruit

The zombie plant is a semi-intelligent shrub that produces high-ly nutritious berries. Anyone who partakes of the berries has achance to become a slave of the zombie plant, existing only toserve and protect it. Its name comes not from its appearance,but from the mindless state of its servants.A zombie plant resembles a healthy berry bush, with thickfoliage. It bears fruit throughout the year; the berries are red(very much like full, ripe cherries) and grow in twos and threeslike cherries do. The plant also has a clean, healthy scent, whichis aided by its psionic power of attraction. Instinct: Slave

  • attraction
  • enslave whoever eats its berry
  • Slave protect the plant and its incredible fruit

Created by: A Person With No Name